Friday, May 14, 2010

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Thursday, March 04, 2010

This blog has been dead for 8 years.

Why would I want to bring it to life?

1. All my old letters, notebooks and diaries that I left in London were thrown away by my dear father's insanely emotionally careless but well meaning (and so not deserving of any animosity) new bird. Love letters, lists of daily drug intake, desperate attempts to analyse myself, shit poems, embarrassing catalogues of quite how long it took me to get over girlfriends, photocopied art friends had made. All of the notebooks I used to always keep with me when every thought seemed fleeting and precious, but able to be captured and contained in the hope it would fit into some complete picture of the world. Naive cliches.

So that hit me a bit.

2. Went through deleting blogs from an imported OPML from Google Reader recently to populate a Netvibes page. Twitter's so unspecific - everything I'm interested in all spat arbitrarily at me through my ipod - and I can't be fucked to make and check a whole load of lists on there. Reading through 500 odd blogs, I was totally overwhelmed by such piles of unabashed shitness. Tips for brands on Twitter? Engage, retweet, listen... For fucks sake. So many commentators retooling basic common sense as self-promotion and putting their smug rich face at the top as if they're proud of their pointlessness.

3. Chatroulette. An essentially horrible experience, much like going to some peak time city centre mainstream weekend drinking spot. A parade of blankness and prurience that tries to seduce you into joining in the grimness. I was struck though, as some blogger noted, by the strange boldness of it all. Stream and be damned. I like the attitude. I want to be just like that - except without getting my cock out.

4. Privacy is big right now as people and giant corporations figure out the network model on a grand scale. The BBC's Virtual Revolution episode The Cost of Free cheesily makes social networks and constant self-publishing seem so dark and irreversible. Google Buzz stumbles into existence, confusing everyone. No-one really understands or cares much about Facebook's privacy settings. I've done some soul searching on the issue and come up with "fuck it".

5. I admire the old me, who figured he must have something to say.

6. A good short URL. Had to unlock old email account, remember old passwords. Pretty much all the pages are awful or dead. is a prime example, but it's across the board. I hope to join in their irrelevance.

7. Twitter stats keep saying that half the people on there don't say anything or have any followers. Like people on Chatroulette who hide behind a sign that says Show Me Your Boobs. Come out. Come out and say "show me your boobs". Express yourself. I respect the close up masturbators more than you. Say anything. Shout into the darkness. Makes me think of Pump Up The Volume. That movie's cool.

7. I remembered this existed while discussing the relevance of blogs to someone who really wasn't sure how to feel about the very concept, then found that it was called Ill Logical. That's pretty poor by anyone's standards, except maybe 18-year-old jungle deejays in 1996. It's subtitled Homeopathic Mass Meta-Programming. I wonder what 23 year-old me was trying to say with that... I guess that no-ones going to read it, so it's a tiny dose of Mass Meta-Programming? And metaprogramming - writing programs that write programs. Like the people would read my bullshit would somehow infect the herd? As I say, I admire the self-importance. I'm going to leave it like that, just to honour the old me, whose scribbled self-important bullshit was recently taken to a landfill.